Un Renversement - by Don Giovanni

Un Renversement - by Don Giovanni

Music theater installation and opera experiment about the sculptural idea of tilting, overturning, reversing. Live and historical recordings of Mozart's Don Giovanni on tapes, radio waves and body ultrasounds are manipulated, inverted and distorted. Singing replaces orchestra. The ensemble stumbles across the stage as a soft-porn collective making music and looking at how much contemporary tenderness is actually still in Don Giovanni.

There's a lot of sex in there that hasn't been shown yet. In the 18th century, the opera was the subject of frivolous lusts full of false double standards; now the five performers try to get the horniest scenes possible out of the macho score - and they talk about it a lot. Tapes of the opera ripple through the stage, tugging and stretching at the vocal parts, characters are changed as they please.

The result is a mixture of old and new sound, of sonic noise, sound art, chamber music, electro sound and a combination of old and new libretto, opera singing, acting art and film projections.

The courageously innovative artist, director, LA CAGE founder and director Aliénor Dauchez dares to analyze and update a traditional classic and its cliché roles in collaboration with contemporary composer Marta Zapparoli.

Music Theater
In English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Icelandic