Tristan und Isolde oder Luft! Luft! Mir erstickt das Herz!

Musiktheaterkollektiv Hauen und Stechen

Tristan und Isolde oder Luft! Luft! Mir erstickt das Herz!

Musiktheaterkollektiv Hauen und Stechen

Somewhere between political impotence and emotional overpressure, Richard Wagner's musical colossus gets a crack. How does it feel when something is torn but not yet broken? Tristan and Isolde's death-defying love story generates a Nadryw - the dizzying, straddling opening into which everyone wants to peer but has not yet dared.

"I am the Nadryw. I am all your pain,
your symptom, your overflowing heart!"

With HAUEN-UND-STECHEN, Theater HORA from Zurich liberate Wagner's opera from its high-cultural corset and drown in its intoxicating emotionality. Together with the audience they drink Isolde's love potion and navigate in a huge whale installation through an ocean of euphoria, depression, lust, hate and shame. Wagner's music becomes a weapon to disrupt privileged conversations and challenge tacit liberal understandings. Conventional discussion is no longer possible with so much shouting. Language here is slapstick, intensity is trump. It's about unabashed self-communication and vulgar expression of emotion, and at the same time about a real utopia.

Music Theatre


25. Sep | 8:00 pm



26. Sep | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 13 € - 16.5 €

Vocals: Vera Maria Kremers, Armands Siliņš
Acting: Remo Beuggert, Gianni Blumer, Caitlin Friedly, Matthias Grandjean, Simone Gisler, Gina-Lisa Maiwald, Tiziana Pagliaro, Fredi Senn, Simon Stuber
Piano: Roman Lemberg
Synthesizer : Edgar Wiersocki
E-Cello: Carola Caggiano
Director: Julia Lwowski
Stage & Costume Design: Yassu Yabara
Musical Director: Roman Lemberg
Dramaturgy & Text: Maria Buzhor
Sound Design : Carola Caggiano
Video: Martin Mallon
Light Design: Konrad Dietze
Production Management: Laura Hörold, Adrian T. Mai
Assitant Director: Konstantin Züllich
Equipment Assistance: Charlotta Hench

A production by HAUEN-UND-STECHEN in co-production with Theater HORA, Rote Fabrik Zürich and SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stiftung Züriwerk and Förderverein Theater HORA. The revival is supported by funds from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and Prohelvetia