The Colour Out Of Space

The Colour Out Of Space – Chapter 1-3
A dark doom pictureshow in slow

Andreas Hartung & The Dunwich Orchestra / Vorprogramm Ava Bonam
Multimedia musical comic strip story | World premiere
eptember 12, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 6 €

The Berlin comic-strip artist and illustrator Andreas Hartung and The Dunwich Orchestra adapt a short story by the American author H.P. Lovecraft as a dark and episodic picture show with an atmospheric live soundtrack. Completely without words, the viewer is drawn into a hypnotic maelstrom of horror.

“The Colour out of Space” tells of the feeling of being at the mercy of others and the lethargy that can arise from it – as the slowest variant of doom: One night a strange meteorite strikes a farm in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, he didn’t do much damage. But soon the life of the farm inhabitants begins to change. Little by little an invisible power pulls all life out of the farm and the people and a strange, strange colour covers the land…

The Theater im Delphi shows chapter 1-2 in live performance as well as the world premiere of the brand new chapter 3.

As a prelude, Folk Noir musician Ava Bonam paints acoustic, fleeting and melancholic sound images that tell of innermost feelings, secret longings and intimate memories.

Press commentaries:
Dark drawings – revelling music (Intro)
Great horror comic after H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour out of Space (Page)


Video Chapter 1:

Video Chapter 2:

Duration: 90 minutes

Illustrations: Andreas Hartung |Music: Ava Bonam |The Dunwich Orchestra: Daniel Siegmund (electric guitars, samples, digital synths) | David Frikell (acoustic guitars) | Paul Bertin (analog modular synths) | Bennet Gamradt (bass) | Johannes Hehemann (drums)

The Colour Out Of Space is presented by the German Lovecraftgesellschaft e. V. and Illustrade Rostock