Pension Schöller in the box

Bridge Markland

One-Woman+Dolls Transformation Art Playback Show. With pop music and Happy End Bridge Markland brings the famous story from 1890 to the present. Act 1 & 2 here, act 3 immediately after at Brotfabrik.

Uncle Philip read about mental hospitals. A soiree in such an establishment should be the most interesting thing you can imagine. But how does he get an invitation? By chance his nephew Alfred needs money. The uncle thinks "Money makes the world go around" and explains to his nephew his condition for the loan. Alfred is at a loss, but his friend Kissling has an idea. They take their uncle with them to the Schöller Pension and claim it is a soiree in a private sanatorium. An intrusive writer, a paranoid ex-military, a wannabe actor, a woman in search of a son-in-law and a globetrotter who wants to give him two leopard babies await him there. With pop music and dolls Bridge Markland brings the famous Schwank from 1890 to the present for the generation of pop music.



29. Nov | 8:00 pm



30. Nov | 8:00 pm



1. Dec | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 10 € - 15 €
duration: ca. 120 min | no pause

Devised + Directed by: Bridge Markland
Co-director + Dramaturgy: Nils Foerster
Sound Design: Tom Hornig
Puppets, Costume Design, Props: Eva Garland , Larissa  Jenne
PR: Antje Grabenhorst
Graphic Design: 

Fundes by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin