Im Nebel

Eine Sprachsalve gegen den Krieg

Knabenkantorei Basel

They march, rebel, roar, die, get up again and sing, sing, sing...

The young singers of the Knabenkantorei Basel embody the inconceivable dehumanisation of war in a deeply touching way.
The 100-year-old anti-war text "Zuginsfeld" by Otto Nebel, on which this scenic choral concert is based, experiences a moving and alarmingly topical rediscovery.



22. Nov | 8:00 pm



23. Nov | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 8 € - 13 €
duration: ca. 60 min | no pause

Autor: Otto Nebel
Composition by: Till Löffler
Directed by: Ursina  Greuel
Musical Director: Oliver Rudin
Costume Design: Bettina Ginsberg
Lighting Design: Jens Seiler
Rights: Otto Nebel -Stiftung