Waxing Phases: Crescent

Audiovisual concert performance | Day 2

Waxing Phases: Crescent

Audiovisual concert performance | Day 2

2-day pass (fr/sat) via the following link: delphi.reservix.de

The Berlin event series WAXING PHASES presents audio-visual art by local artists with the aim of creating distance from the everyday living environment and challenging the audience to explore a place of listening and experience "Waxing Phases: Crescent" is the thirteenth and largest production of the Waxing Phases series, which were founded in 2017. Two days of live audiovisual experiences await us - meditative and immersive.
On the second day we will dive deep with a live A/V performance by Pareal and Valentina Berthelon. This magic and inner initialization will be then followed by Or Sarfati’s A/V Album premiere, accompanied by 4 musicians (Guitar, Violin, Bass, Drums) and visual art. The event will end with an A/V performance by ASERET and Or Sarfati.

“Look up at the Moon, close your eyes and just let go. Feel your body merging in a dark atmosphere, images coming up in your mind and carrying you away, into your deepest thoughts and inner sensations.”

Line up:
Ambient Selection
Pareal + Valentina Berthelon Live A/V
Or Sarfati Album Premiere Live A/V
ASERET + Or Sarfati Live A/V

Pareal Pareal (aka Flora Päär) is a Vocal/Sound Performer, Vibrational Counselor and Sound Therapist, scholar of Accademia di Medicina Vibrazionale of Milan and UK Vibroacoustic Association in London, founder of the Aum Garden Project, a platform with the aim of spreading sound vibrational awareness through therapy, workshops, meditations, installations and multi-sensorial experiences. Blending intuitive chants with ambient drones, experimental ambient sub-layers and organic/hypnotic textures of trancing and evocative soundscapes, Pareal´s live act invites the listeners to consciously experience the impact of sound waves and timbres on our bodies and stimulates the perception of subtle energy fields.

Valentina Berthelon
Valentina Berthelon is a Chilean media artist currently based in Berlin. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from "La Esmeralda," National Art Center of Mexico, and a Master's degree in Kunst und Media from UDK, the University of the Arts Berlin.In her artistic practice, Valentina blends various techniques, including video, sound, and Virtual Reality, to craft immersive and multisensory experiences that delve into the intricate relationships between art, technology, and society. Her audiovisual pieces centre around the concept of a circular time—a non-linear assembly of stories, facts, and theories that reflects the interconnected nature of the Universe to explore abstract and profound aspects of human nature.

Or Sarfati
Berlin composer and visual artist Or Sarfati's (Israel, Berlin) art is both an intimate yet multi-sensory experience, that follows the curated path of sound and visual journey. Through the scattering myst, abstract forms reveal sensations of common human experiences, rooted in distance and shades of light. Since 2015, Or has established himself as a vital voice in the developing audio-visual and new media scene in Berlin, while collaborating and producing both art and events with local artists and venues, as well as presenting new-media art around the globe (Germany, Spain, Israel, Russia, Uzbekistan).
Or's art originated in both classical and traditional Eastern (Arabic) and Western paradigms as mastered during his academic period while incorporating new approaches inspired by the underground experimentalism of Berlin. His first EP album, Sky On Concrete Background, was released in April 2021 under the Berlin-based label One-Instrument. His first solo album, Darkness is Completely Defined, was released in January 2024 independently.

Italian Sound Artist based in Berlin dedicated to Ambient-Drone music as a composer and live performer.
Graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Sassari (Italy) and in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Berlin.
He is co-founder of the Ambient A/V Berlin event series Waxing Phases and co-curator of Farewell, a cultural event presented in an old Factory in east Berlin in July 2022.
The purpose of his works is to bring back to the foreground the human value of each person, giving him, through music, a chance to identify himself and reconsider his own spaces, in contrast with a world increasingly hectic.



21. Apr | 7:00 pm

Admission charge: 10 € - 20 €
(Day Pass: 15 €/ 10 € (reduced) / 20 € (support) / 2-days ticket available)
duration: ca. 180 min | 5 pauses