Stimmgewalt & Hellscore

Dark A Cappella meets Metal choir

Stimmgewalt & Hellscore

Dark A Cappella meets Metal choir

With Stimmgewalt from Berlin and Hellscore, two outstanding representatives of dark a cappella music come together. With the power of their voices alone they will set the Theater im Delphi ablaze. From classical singing to techniques borrowed from rock, metal, and musicals such as belting, throat singing, tribal, growls, and vocal percussion, they showcase virtuosity in every facet of human voice production.

While the Berliners will present their own songs and covers from the realms of goth and folk rock, their colleagues from Hellscore will captivate with metal covers ranging from bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to System of a Down, Slipknot, and Linkin Park—all without musical instruments or external effects.

The Hellscore choir is led by Noa Gruman, arranger and conductor, singer, and frontwoman of the progressive metal band Scardust. She has made it her mission to bring her passion for vocal music (Opera, Philharmonic, Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg) into the world of metal.

The band Stimmgewalt arrives with their latest album ESKHATOPHONIA in tow: an apocalyptic journey through the sound of the end of all things. Praised by the press, celebrated by fans, the album produced by Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) marks the most significant milestone in the evolution of the Dark A Cappella genre.

Both formations explore the broad spectrum of vocal possibilitiesAn unforgettable auditory experience!
Stimmgewalt has a decade-long history. Initially performing with renowned bands at major festivals or touring across Europe, the Berliners now focus on the Dark A Cappella genre, represented by their album ESKHATOPHONIA.

Hellscore was founded in 2016 by classically trained metal singer Noa Gruman and has since appeared on multiple albums by renowned metal bands. They have performed on stages in e.g., Denmark, Turkey, and Estonia.


Picture: Andrey Kezzyn


15. May | 7:00 pm

Admission charge: 23 € - 30 €
(Presales: 28€ / 23€ | Box office: 30 € / 25 €)
duration: ca. 180 min | 1 pause