CrippleWolf is based on Ibsen's most supernatural and erotic play - Little Eyolf. This avant-garde interpretation inhabits a dark sprechen-sang landscape, with hints of David Lynch and Sgt. Pepper.

Actress Kate Pendry and musician Aschim experiment with biometric technology, extreme vocal registers and electroacoustic sound possibilities to create an expressive theatrical universe, a mythopoetic space of sonic shadows.
Pendry is an award-winning artist who uses the theatrical to comment on the disharmonies of contemporary society. Her work combines classical acting techniques with technology.

Her collaboration with composer Audun Aschim has produced a unique theatricality. Aschim is a guitarist and composer who works across a broad spectrum of musical expression - with a unique focus on the emotional, meaning-making potential of the guitar.

In CrippleWolf, the two explore the boundaries of their spectrum as musician and actor. In doing so, they move away from the usual interpretations of Ibsen's play Little Eyolf. Here the central women characters are allowed to breathe more, expressing sexuality, even rage, and admitting their lack of maternal instincts. Henrik Ibsen is often understood through a narrow and very traditional prism - even in 'modernised' versions of his play. Pendry and Aschim propose that if you really pay attention to what Ibsen was saying you can see much more dissonance and nuance than appears at first blush.

KATE PENDRY is from London and has lived and worked in Oslo since 1995. She is a multiple award winning actress and playwright, known for the red thread of politically (in)correct social commentary and extensive use of dark humour in her writing and performances.

AUDUN ASCHIM is a guitarist and composing artist who works in a varied and international arts felt within music, film and performing arts. Often to be seen in transdisciplinary projects in-between genres and disciplines as a composer-performer.


Picture: Jonas Jeramiassen Tomter


1. Dec | 7:00 pm

Admission charge: 15 €
duration: ca. 60 min | no pause

In English

Writer & Actor: Kate Pendry
Musician & Composer : Audun Aschim
Producer: Camilla Svingen, Syv mil
Video: Sigurd Ytre-Arne
Scenography/ elements: Tim Bird

Press Votes

“Pendry’s craftswomanship, both as a writer and actor, is remarkable to say the least.”
Shakespeare Tidsskrift

"I have seen a number of Pendry’s performances before. She can be masterful, almost magical in the form, but this is nevertheless in a class of its own."

«Aschim's music emerges as the predominant force, providing an unparalleled backdrop for the play's emotional conflicts.»

«An overwhelming visual and sonic room of both mysticism and a primal sense of life»