The Passion according to BIBI

Petar Miloshevski

Humans have lost the notion of offering their body unselfishly. So meet BIBI. The latest 1N5TA-5EX robot. The future of Sex.

BIBI learns things about you. It remembers your birthday, what you like to eat, the names of your parents. It can hold a conversation about music, films, books, quote Shakespeare and Chekhov. And of course, BIBI will have sex with you at will. No matter your sexuality or gender, you'll never feel unfulfilled again.

Official statistics show alarming trends: people increasingly struggle with establishing intimate physical contact with one another. Through an intensely poetic text and physical performance, the piece disentangles our complex, dependent relationships with technology and sexuality, and examines the slow descent into the fake comforts of a solitude which inexorably leads us to self-destruction.

The Passion according to BIBI premiered in August 2018 at the Cockpit Theatre in London, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, and was shortlisted by TimeOut and the Evening as one of the festival’s Top 10 must-sees.

PETAR MILOSHEVSKI is a London-based actor and theatre-maker. His work in recent years has focused primarily on pioneering solo projects, featured in a range of chamber theatres, festivals, non-conventional venues as well as projects devised for site-specific events across London, the UK and in Europe. He devises his own scripts, sound, lighting, and sets, and his performances have been remarked for their cutting-edge combination of speech and physical theatre. His previous shows, HOPE, THE BEAUTIFUL and LOVE were performed in theatres and international festivals around Europe, attracting outstanding press accolades and awards including:

Best Actor Award for LOVE, International Theatre Festival BABEL, Targoviste, Romania

Award for Artistic Quest for New Forms in Solo Theatre for THE BEAUTIFUL, International Chamber Theatre Festival - Hanover, Germany

Award for Best Actor for HOPE, International Monodrama Festival - Bitola, Macedonia


Picture: Foto: Vladi Kolev

Picture: Foto: Vladi Kolev


6. Dec | 8:00 pm



7. Dec | 8:00 pm



8. Dec | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 10 € - 15 €

Directed and performed by: Petar Miloshevski
Script, lighting, soundtrack and set devised by: Petar Miloshevski
Costume by: Antonella Petraccaro

Press Votes

"In The Passion according to BIBI, the audience cannot avoid confronting its own isolation… Petar Miloshevski manages to create a complex overview of today's pain and sickness in less than an hour.” (

“The Passion according to BIBI is a small masterpiece of a sort few will have ever witnessed…. Masterful is an adjective which probably does not even begin to describe the impression left by this performance.” (

“This show is totally different to anything I have ever seen before… Just brilliant!” (YoungTalent UK)