Andreas Bär

HINFORT MIT DEM SCHLEIER, GLI SPARAFUCILI, IRGENDWAS MIT BEETHOVEN - the composer, musician and librettist Andreas Bär once again proves his virtuoso ability with these three 20-minute operas. www.abaer.net

One tries to make the world more reasonable, a second wants to shoot everything he doesn't understand, a third begins to understand that with his death everything goes on without him.
There are overtures, recitatives, scenes, arias etc.. However, it is not that existing operas are knitted or satirized. No, these three short operas are actually written for an ensemble of three saxophonists (or trio d'anches), percussionists, singers and actors. The music is genre-overlapping, contemporary, comic, positive, making use of various current and past genres and playing techniques to create an emotional condensation of the scene, but mostly manages with melodic ideas of simple harmonies and extended tonality.

In Italian and German


24. Nov | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 12 € - 18 €
duration: ca. 90 min | 2 pauses

Composition, Libretti, Director, Baritonsaxophone: Andreas Bär
Director, Stage Design: Kay Fescharek
Stage, Paintings: Peter Schmersal
Singing: Thomas Busch
Actor: Olaf Reitz
Sopransaxophone: Jakob Jentgens
Tenorsaxophone: Christoph Klenner
Percussions: Peter Funda