Spanish Music. From Manuel de Falla to present.

Spanish Music. From Manuel de Falla to present.

The secret star of the Falla Ensemble is the harpsichord. Besides the name-giving Cádiz composer Manuel de Falla, the ensemble and its first-class musicians also pay homage to this instrument with their new concert program between classical modern and contemporary works.

The harpsichord fell into oblivion after its golden age in the 15th to 18th centuries, despite its special sonority and contribution to contemporary music. In a varied concert program with works from Spanish composers such as Manuel de Falla to Samuel Aguilar, the Falla Ensemble brings the forgotten keyboard instrument back into the spotlight.

Some small, little, tiny thoughts (2017) - Samuel Aguilar (Lanzarote, 1975)
Vermiculus (2017) - Nino Díaz (Lanzarote, 1963)
Sine Die (2013) - Teresa Catalán (Pamplona, 1951)
Apenas un roce (2018) - Sergio Blardony (Madrid, 1965)
Concerto for harpsichord and 5 instruments (1926) - Manuel de Falla (Cádiz, 1876 - Argentina 1946).
* I: Allegro
* II: Lento (giubiloso ed energico)
* III: Vivace (flessibile, scherzando

The Falla Ensemble is composed of seven Spanish musicians with first-class musical careers: Silvia Márquez / harpsichord, Carmen Ojeda / flute, José Luis Pascual / oboe, Pablo Blanco / clarinet, Pablo Araya / violin, Judit Díaz / cello and Nino Díaz / musical direction. The repertoire of the ensemble is very broad, ranging from works from the first half of the 20th century, such as Manuel de Falla, Eliot Carter, Darius Milhaud, Bela Bartok, to the current repertoire, including premieres by Sergio Blardony, Samuel Aguilar, Jacobo Durán-Loriga and Enric Palomar.

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