Antigone Exp. N°2

Cie.AGORA | Ensemble LUX:NM

Antigone Exp. N°2

Cie.AGORA | Ensemble LUX:NM

Immersive music theatre after "Antigona" by Tommaso Traetta - augmented reality experience between individualized mass and virtuality

Antigone, icon of civil disobedience and self-determination, is the starting point for the development of the piece. At the centre of the play is the question of phenomena and mechanisms of influencing and mobilising the masses. What is the scope for interpreting law and justice? Where does individual responsibility begin? In the production of the music theatre collective Cie.AGORA, which works at the interface of music theatre and digital media, and the ensemble LUX:NM, which combines 's opera with sounds of contemporary music and electronics, the audience becomes part of an augmented reality experience. They are immersed in the story of Antigone, in which the relationship between the individual and the community between reality and virtuality is constantly being renegotiated.

In the frame of Performing Arts Festival Berlin May, 24-29, 2022 /


Since its founding in 2010, the ensemble LUX:NM has established a firm place for itself on Berlin's new music scene, constantly crossing the boundaries of the genre in many directions to explore new paths. Antigone Exp. N°2 was created in collaboration with the Swiss-based music theatre collective Cie.AGORA, which in 2015 is composed of artists* from a wide range of disciplines and has set itself the task of experimentally investigating the physical-sensory encounter with the audience beyond institutionally influenced ways of reception.


Picture: Performing Arts Festival
Music Theater


26. May | 8:00 pm



27. May | 8:00 pm



28. May | 8:00 pm



29. May | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 10 € - 15 €
(Ticket sales starting march 2022)
duration: ca. 65 min | no pause

In Italian with German and French surtitles

With: Lisa Tatin (Antigone), Darell Haynes (Kreon), Lichtenberger Kammerchor Piekfeine Töne und Mitglieder von "Voix de Lausanne", Ensemble LUX:NM | Ruth Velten – Saxophone + Elektronik, Florian Juncker – Posaune, Silke Lange – Akkordeon + Elektronik, Zoé Cartier – Violoncello, Vitalii Kyianytsia – Klavier/ Keyboard, Martin Offik – Klangregie/ Sounds
Concept: Cie.AGORA 
Music and Composition: Ensemble LUX:NM, T. Traetta/B. Strozzi (Arr. Markus Syperek)
Choral Conducting: Katrin Hübner
Director: Benjamin David
Equipment: Valentin Köhler
Dramaturgy: Jana Beckmann
Artistic Collaboration: Anna Brunnlechner
Digital Technic: VOGO 
Programming: Luciano Pinna
Animation and 3D Objects: Simon Ott
Production Management Lausanne/Basel: Maxine Devaud (Maxinthewood Productions)
Production Management Berlin: Regina Stöberl/ Ruth Velten/ Silke Lange
Camera: Bastien Genoux / Robert Jan Lacombe

A production by Ensemble LUX:NM and music theater collective Cie.AGORA With the kind support of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin