Speicher I-VI: Ensemblekollektiv Berlin plays Enno Poppe

Speicher I-VI: Ensemblekollektiv Berlin plays Enno Poppe

A tour de force of ensemble playing! Composer Enno Poppe writes about his work: "Speicher's plan is the search for extremes: extreme compression, thinning, acceleration, broadening." Despite its relatively compact dimensions, in terms of ensemble size, the piece offers an enormous variety of creative ideas over a duration of 70 minutes: an ark, a storehouse of musical energies that can be opened again.

Speicher I (2009/10)
for large ensemble

Speicher II (2013)
for ensemble

Speicher III (2012)
for ensemble
Memory IV (2008-12)
for Ensemble

Speicher V (2012/13)
for large ensemble

Speicher VI (2013)
for large ensemble

Conductor: Pablo Rus Broseta

flute: Kristjana Hegadóttir Rebecca Lenton
oboe: Antje Thierbach
clarinet: Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, Christian Vogel
Saxophone: Martin Losert
Bassoon: Elise Jacoberger
Horn: Samuel Stoll
Trumpet: Matthew Conley
trombone: Fabian Schmidt
Harp: Susanne Kabalan
Percussion: Roland Neffe, Adam Weisman
Piano: Ernst Surberg
Accordion: Christine Paté
Violin: Wojciech Garbowski, Khachatur Kanajan, Susanne Zapf
viola: Karen Lorenz Nikolaus Schlierf
violoncello: Mathis May, Niklas Seidl
Double bass: Matthias Bauer



28. Jan | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 10 € - 15 €
duration: ca. 70 min | no pause