Life as it is Lived

Elpida Orfanidou & Igor Dobričić

Life as it is Lived

Elpida Orfanidou & Igor Dobričić

What does it mean to perform “life as it is lived” in a (post)pandemic era of dematerialised and mediated social exchange? “Life as it is Lived” is a film-performance that is using the process of movie-making to stage cinema-going as a live event, merging cinematic and theatrical procedures into an unexpected hybrid form in an effort to answer this urgent question.

Inspired by the technical and conceptual innovations of an iconic french movie from 1961 “Chronicle of a Summer” performance maker Elpida Orfanidou and dramaturge Igor Dobričić are attempting to reinvent the ethnographic notions of locality, fiction, and reality. The evening will be blending situations of a classical movie projection and of a bar gathering where shots and shorts will be served by the artists themselves.

ATTENTION note: To make the event as Corona safe as possible we ask the audience to bring their own internet-enabled device (notebook, tablet, cellphone), suitable headphones and battery chargers. "Life as it is lived" is an experimental participatory event, access to participate in a Zoom meeting is required.
Audience should be advised that the event will be documented for archive and promotional purposes.
Elpida Orfanidou
Elpida Orfanidou is a choreographer, pianist, pharmacist based in Berlin. In her projects so far she approached the genre of cinema and incorporated a documentary perspective nourished by her biographical journey. Her latest works alchemize tradition, crafts, ethnography and film with a choreographic approach. She recently presented the one-on-one event "Songtellers" for the far festival in Nyon (CH) and currently she prepares the film-performance "Life As It Is Lived" together with Igor Dobričić and a diverse team of artists. Elpida´s work has been presented at various venues and festivals in Europe, including Tanz im August, HAU, Sophiensaele , Athens Festival, Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, La Casa Encendida Madrid, Brisbane Festival. She has worked a.o. with Hermann Heisig, Marialena Marouda, Fabrice Mazliah, Daniel Wittkopp, Simone Truong, Meg Stuart, Tim Etchells, Evangellia Kranioti, May Zarhy.

Igor Dobričić
Igor Dobričić studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (Serbia) and attended a MA theatre course at DasArts in Amsterdam (Netherlands). From 1995 until 1999 he worked as a dramaturg for the Belgrade International Theatre Festival (BITEF). As a program officer for the arts at the European Cultural Foundation (2000-2008), he initiated the international support platform for the arts, ALMOST REAL. As a research fellow with the Amsterdam School of the Arts (2009-2010), he articulated a long-term research project Table Talks (TT). From 2010 until 2011, he was in-house dramaturge of Het Veem Theatre (Amsterdam). As a dramaturge he collaborates with choreographers/makers Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi, Guillaume Marie, Diego Gil, Alma Sodeberg, Shannon Cooney and Meg Stuart a.o. Dobricic has ongoing engagements with the Choreographic Centre Hamburg (K3), Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh) and the Amsterdam Master of Theatre (DasArts).
Idea / Idee : Elpida Orfanidou & Igor Dobričić

Performance / Performance : Igor Dobričić, Elpida Orfanidou, Roger Sala Reyner, Ana Rocha, Tian Rotteveel, Miloš Vujković, Diego Agulló, Christina Themeli

Cinematography / Kinematographie : Roger Sala Reyner, Igor Dobričić, Elpida Orfanidou, Ana Rocha

Artistic Assistance and Creative Production / Künstlerische Assistenz und kreative Produktion : Ana Rocha

Original music and Sound / Sounddesign: Tian Rotteveel

Technical direction / Technische Leitung: Miloš Vujković

Editing Assistance / Editing Assistenz : Konstantina Messini

Documentation / Dokumentation : Diego Agulló

Poster Design / Poster Design : Ana Teresa Ascensäo

T Shirts: Jelena Kovačić

Production / Produktion : Ana Veiga Riscado/Mikado Blue

Moveable Cinema Practice : Shannon Cooney

Participants / Mit : Ana R, Xenia V, Kostas O, Nikos L, Tassos K, Konstantina M, May Z, Olympia K, Ash B, Katerina P, Stelios M, Irini K, Brice M, David B, Roger S, Igor D, Elpida O, Ana R, Spyros, Dimitris,Tante Efi and Papa Silenus.

There would be no “Life as it is Lived” without “Chronicle of a Summer”. We are indebted to Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin and all the (non) obvious encounters in the city of Athens and the island of Anafi, for the inspiration and provocation that pushed our work as close to our lives as it is humanly possible.

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