Matter of Facts – relocated

Glogowski / Hoesch

Matter of Facts – relocated

Glogowski / Hoesch

The virtuoso percussionists Yuka Ohta and Yu-Ling Chiu get down to business as soon as they start their musical deeds. Together they play and populate an entire landscape of percussion instruments. In the center rises the unique specimen of a giant circular marimba, surrounded by drum kits, the setting of a garage band, numerous snare drums. And across this assembly of percussion the musicians move as playfully as energetically. At the same time, it is the instruments themselves that magically and powerfully react to each other. What can connect people sonically? Together with the composer Diego Ramos Rodríguez and the instrument maker Friedrich Hartung, the two theater makers Gregor Glogowski and Benjamin Hoesch have created a production with "Matter of Facts" that makes it possible to experience what holds communities together and what it means to groove together.

Gregor Glogowski and Benjamin Hoesch have been working together as a duo since 2016, between Frankfurt and Hamburg. In their work they develop scenographic and installative spaces, combine performance, visual art and sound art. In collaboration with percussionists Yuka Ohta and Yuling Chiu, composer Diego Ramos Rodríguez and stage designer and instrument maker Friedrich Hartung, they design oversized sound objects, automatic stage mechanisms and work on the possibilities of collaborative action between music, dance and performance, expertise and dilettantism, precision and unpredictability. Their collaborative works have been shown at Radikal Jung Festival Munich, Lichthof Theater Hamburg, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Tonlagen Festival Hellerau and World Stage Design Scenofest in Taiwan, among others.



23. Oct | 8:00 pm



24. Oct | 8:00 pm

Admission charge: 10 € - 15 €
duration: ca. 80 min | no pause

Artistic Direction: Gregor Glogowski, Benjamin Hoesch
Composition: Diego Ramos Rodríguez
Music/Performance: Yu-Ling Chiu, Yuka Ohta
Sound Design: Robin Bös
Instrument Manufacturing: Friedrich Hartung
Production Management: Dennis Hoss

Press Votes

What keeps a community together, asks the program, but it is enough to let "Matter of Facts" work as a communal theater experience. For not only do the two wonderful percussionists show what sounds can be brought out of wood, metal, skin or glass. In "Matter of Facts", space, light, time also have a leading role as co-players alongside sound. (FAZ, Eva-Maria Magel, 02/2020)