Tiziana Longo (Motimaru Dance Company)
September 28 & 29, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 12 € / 8 €

The dance solo MUT relates our own lives to the flood of news that reaches us every minute and yet rarely changes us deeply. Instead, the dancers’ body is in a constant metamorphosis, transforming the stories of different women into icons of the contradictory faces of our society. Newspapers come alive, crackle, swell and explode! Based on numerous personal conversations with fugitives from all over the world, MUT sharpens our own critical attitude and creates – layer by layer – a feeling of urgency through the physical interaction with the live music, installations, and audiences.

MUT – the German word for courage, refers in ancient Egyptian to the primordial deity of water, the cosmic mother of all life.

Press commentaries.
„Remarkable is the aesthetics of dance, because it is as diverse as the women who are the focus of this work. „ (Tanzraum Berlin)

“Mut touches a nerve” (suzygoessee, Sydney Theatre Reviews, Juni 2018)

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Duration: 1 hour

Choreography and Dance: Tiziana Longo | Supervisor: Motoya Kondo | Music composition and live music: Hoshiko Yamane | Costume: Jean Beissel