Fabia Mantwill Orchestra

Fabia Mantwill Orchestra

Begegnungen II
Fabia Mantwill Orchestra

May 24, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 20 € | 15 € (ermäßigt)

A Lyrical and expressive journey with original Jazz, Classic, Folk and Film music through different cultures and regions of the world.

The Fabia Mantwill Orchestra creates the synthesis between a chamber orchestra and a large Jazz ensemble! Together with twenty-two international musicians the saxophonist, vocalist and composer Fabia Mantwill enact a various genre-comprehensive concert experience, that takes the audience on a journey based on passion, respect and emotionality.
The stories are sometimes told in a impressionistic and soft manner to then be danceable and groovy musical stories are told, inspired by special places of our world.
As a continuation of the successful debut of the Fabia Mantwill Orchestra under the title „Begegnungen“ ( „encounters“ at Theater im Delphi, 2017), it goes on with Begegnungen II to artistically new places – amongst others we travel to Réunion, Madagaskar, into Switzerland and to Tansania.

Fabian Mantwill belongs already to the established giants in the German Jazz scene – and with a distinktive international impact. She wrote for the Metropole Orkest under the conduction of Vince Mendoza, and got awarded from the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C in 2016, with the Betty Carter’s jazz Ahead residency and stood und numerous international stages like the famous Apollo theater in New York. At the foundation of the Fabia Mantwill Orchestra in December 2016 she had the support of famous musicians of the jazz scene like Jules Buckley, Julia Hülsmann and Greg Cohen. www.fabiamantwill.com

Photo: Dovile Sermokas

Trailer Begegnungen I
Video Niityt ja vainoit
Video Erwachen


The adventures of Prince Achmed

The adventures of Prince Achmed

The adventures of Prince Achmed
Kammerorchester Weißensee & students of the Kurt-Tucholsky-Oberschule

Silent movie concert
May, 25 & 26, 2019 | 19:00
Tickets: based on donation at the door | free entry

A fairy tale as a total work of art made of filigrane silhouette ( a paper cut art form ) and expressive orchestra music.

The Kammerorchester Weißensee presents under the conduction by Tilo Schmalenberg the filmic masterpiece „The Adventure of Price Achmed“ by Lotte Reiniger. This 1929 silhouette-animated movie with the music of Wolfgang Zeller that was originally premiered in Berlin, developed in three years production time made of 100.000 solo pictures. It is the first obtained cartoon movie filling an evening.

The Kammerorchester Weißensee is a traditional, semi professional ensemble presenting a movie-musical project for the first time ever, after 40 concerts in the town hall Weißensee and therefor puts light on a dark aspect of the Berliner ( film-) history. Because Wolfgang Zeller who advanced to one of the most played movie composers in Germany, composed in the times of the National Socialism the music for numerous NS-propaganda movies, like „Jud Süß“ (1940). The silhouette-artist and book illustrator Lotte Reiniger left Germany out of a deep aversion against „all those Hitler-events“ though.

Students from the Kurt-Tucholsky-Oberschule in Berlin-Pankow created an interlude with installations and performances that pick up on the movie but also they bring into context and reflect on the relationship between Reiniger and Zeller in those historic currents. www.kammerorchesterweissensee.de





gamut inc (Maciej Sledziecki, Marion Wörle)

Music theatre installation | Premiere
June 1 & 2, 2019 | 19:00
Tickets: 12 € | 8 € (ermäßigt)

The retro-futuristic music theatre installation INTERZONE combines self-playing music robots with light and projection beams, which are made sculpturally visible by hazer fog. This “volumetric light” creates digital landscapes through light colour and form. Originally 2018 for the BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater, gamut inc will present a revised new version at the Theater im Delphi, which brings the fascination of the machine itself to the fore: From the myth of the golem to the fantastic apparatuses of Athanasius Kircher or Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, different utopias of the machine will be negotiated. gamut inc´s microtonal structures, deep drones and fine textural forms will meet a multi-layered spatial, light and text performance. gamutinc.org


Duration: approx. 45 minutes
different languages (the piece is predominantly musical and can be understood without knowledge of languages)

Video, music and stage: gamut inc | Photo: Patrick Frost

A production by BAM!- Berliner Festival for contemporary music theatre and satelita Musikverlag

Press comments on gamut inc:
Brilliant and frightening: Wörle and Sledziecki [with “One More Pioneer”] have not only made an important contribution to the discussion about digital theatre, but have also shown how intelligent, dense, intensive music theatre can work today.” (Michael S. Zerban / Opera Network)
Future Music: Exciting and witty, the creators succeed in creating a digital music theatre as the sum of radio play, music, visual art, video and theatre.” (Dirk Wagner / Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Part of Performing Arts Festival


The Bat

The Bat

The Bat | Die Fledermaus
Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“
Operetta in three acts by Johann Strauß
June 5 & 6, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 12 € | 8€ (reduced)

In the maelstrom of waltz and gallop, of Reihumküssen and champagne, Johann Strauß’s legendary operetta will experience three readings: three directing students dedicate themselves to excerpts from each of the three acts.
In the interaction of the spatial dispositions of living room, festival hall and prison cell, the present of the bourgeoisie is stirred up. And when in the end the entire champagne community stumbles into the suffocating prison chamber, the walls appear porous and temporary. A utopian hint is paired with parodistic punchiness in this masterpiece, which premiered in Vienna in 1874.

Die Fledermaus is a semester project of the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music. Together with students of the Master’s programme in Stage Design_Scenic Space at the TU Berlin. The play of confusion is also presented by students of various singing classes at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music. www.hfm-berlin.de

Director: Ruth Asralda, Tilmann from Siepen, Selina Thüring | Text: Karl Haffner and Richard Genée, after the comedy Le Réveillon by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy
Photo: Rocco Schira

Excerpts from the 1st act

Director: Selina Thüring |Stage and costumes: Mara Barnabò and Lena Tiffert |Rosalinde: Sonja Isabel Reuter | Eisenstein: Lawrence Halksworth | Adele: Hanbyul Jung | Alfred: Hyunsik Shin

Excerpts from the 1st and 2nd act

Director: Tilman aus dem Siepen | Stage: Una Jankov, Carina Wolf | Costume: Ronny Sakolowski | Orlovsky: Jinjoung Lee | Adele: Derya Atakan | Ida: Felicia Brembeck | Falke: Miha Brkinjac | Eisenstein: Konstantin Parnian

Excerpts from the 3rd act

Director: Ruth Asralda | Stage: Nadine Kinder (Kunsthochschule Weißensee) | costumes: Shang-Jie Gao and Fernanda Jardi | Adele: Marine Madelin | Ida: Maria Vidal | Frank: Oliver Boyd | Alfred: Hyunsik Shin | Rosalinde: Janneke Dupre | Eisenstein: Lawrence Halksworth


The world of Russian theater

The world of Russian theater

The world of Russian theater
International theater festival
President: Valery Jakov | Production: Teatral
6.-9. June 2019
Tickets: from 15 € via www.gla-show.com, www.kontramarka.de, www.vipbilet.de, www.biletkartina.tv, www.biletru.de
Reservations: 030 7871 2860, 016 0351 3605

The festival founded in 2017 by chief editor of the independent theater magazine Teatral, shows Russian theater from the entire world. It’s the only platform of it’s own kind, which combines the best Russian spoken productions out of Russia presenting it to an international audience.

After a kick-off in Italy, the festival takes place for the second time in Berlin. Theater groups from England, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Moldova, Austria and Finland show pieces from Russian and international authors. The general program includes workshops, an open discussion and an artist evening with the Russian national artist Olga Tumajkina (Moscow Wachtangow-Theater).

President and founder of the festival Valery Yakov is a known Russian journalist, awarded with numerous prices such as the highest Russian price of the Union of journalists -„golden feather of Russia“. For thirteen years he was the chief editor at the Magazine Novye Izvestia and reported from different war zones such as Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Ruanda, Irak and Chechnya

Board of experts / jury: Prof. Olga Egoshina (studio-School of the Tschechow Art Theater Moscow), Ksenia Larina (radio host for Echo Moskows), Mitya Mozgovoj (representative chairman at the Union of the theater workers of Russia ), Marina Rajkina (editor of culture for the magazine Moskower Komsomolez)

In the theater Delphi a collection of the program points will be shown. The complete program and more locations of play you find here http://world-of-russian-theatre.com

Program in the Theater im Delphi:

And us, for each other– shadows.
A joint projects of the theater „Die Treppe“ ( „staircase“ ) /(Israel, Tel Aviv) and N.C. Aronetska Theater (Republic Moldova, Transnistania, Tiraspol)
Theater based on poems from Marina Tsvetaeva
7. June 2019 | 17:30-18:30
Tickets: 20€ (stalls) | 15€ (balcony)
In Russian language

An attempt, to transmute the soulful cathedrals of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva on to stage. Her famous poems „poem of the end“ and „poem from the hill“ tell stories of bitter love and an attack on the sleepy spirit and sleeping hearts.

Age rating: 14 years old

Direction: Dmitry Akhmadijev | Actors/ Cast: Dmitry Akhmadijev and Anna Glanz-Margulis

Records of the lunatics

Theater Xameleon (UK, London)
Theater after the novels by Nikolai Gogol and diaries of Peter Tschaikowsky
8. June 2019 | 15:00-17:00, one intermission
Tickets: 20 € (stalls) | 15 € (balcony )
In Russisan language with English subtitles.

Could it be that the Spanish King secretly rewrites papers in the Peterburger Office? Or that the dictators daughter all loved up, suddenly understands the language of the hounds and therefore receives interesting details?
Did you know, that the moon was made in Hamburg and you better hide under your chair immediately as soon as you hear the steps of the big inquisitor?
The satiric evening leads us through the history of Gogols protagonist Poprishchin with the music and the diaries of Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaukowsky. Remarkable parallels emerge.

Age rating: 12 years old

Direction: Konstantin Kamensky | Production: Vlada Lemeshevskaya | stage setting: Irina Gluzman | Cast: Oleg Sidorchik und Irina Kara | Foto: Oleg Kachinsky

Olga Tumajkina | dedicated to Vladimir Etusch
Artist evening
8. June 2019 | 20:30
Tickets: 25 € (stalls) | 20 € (balcony)
In Russian language

This evening is in memorial of one of the most legendary and popular artists of an Russian Artist : Vladimir Etusch, who passed on the 9. März 2019 at the age of 96 years old.

Olga Tumajkina is one of the most popular actresses of the leading theater in Russia – the Wakhtangow theater. The starlet from movie and television shows the fragments of her best showings and shares in memory to her famous stage partner funny and unknown episodes of the theater life.

Age rating: 16 years old

I don’t fear the Virginia Woolf
Theater ZERO (Israel, Tel Aviv)
Theater after Edward Albee
9. June |16:00-19:00, one intermission
Tickets: 20 € (parquette) | 15 € (balcony)
In Russian language with English subtitles.

The israeli theater ZERO shows the renewed version of one of the most meaningful pieces out of the twenties century. Just like in Albees template it all evolves around the secrets and riddles und the small and big tragedies of love family and honor.

Age rating: 16 years old

artistic leadership: Oleg Rodovilskij direction: Oleg Rodovilskij and Marina Belavzeva | decor and costumes : Lea Shaz | Cast: Marina Belavzeva, Oleg Rodovilskij, Sofia Schulman, Ariel Krizhopolskij


The Rapture: Art vs Extinction

The Rapture: Art vs Extinction

The Rapture: Art vs Extinction
Moira Finucane of the House of Finucane & Smith Unlimited

Immersive live art, gothic cabaret & theatre | German premiere
June 13-15, 2019 | 20:00
June 16, 2019 | 17:00
Tickets: 15 € | 10 € (reduced)
In English

Moira Finucane: Empress of burlesque macabre, live artist, scientist, and genius magic realist is coming to Germany for the first time with her award-winning one-woman art event, The Rapture: Art vs Extinction. The Rapture is a party on the edge of the abyss. A transcendent emporium of gothic-erotic dreams, rock’n’roll angels, skin shedding tales, human sculpture and gesamtkunstwerk. Winner of the Climakaze Award for outstanding artwork in climate justice and chosen for exhibit at 2019 Prague Quadrennial. https://www.finucaneandsmith.com/

“Finucane is ‘the original’ of our time. The Rapture challenges ignorance, caresses the innocent foreheads of all children and ignites the healing of humanity.” Theatre People, Australia

“Moira Finucane is the superdiva, gender is shaken, this is a permanent provocation”
Clarin, Argentina

“From the sublime to the subverise, outrageous and unforgettable” The Times, UK


Duration: 90 minutes

A Finucane & Smith Unlimited production, commissioned by Climakaze Miami and Mesto Zensk/City of Women Festival Slovenia

Funded by Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and Australia Council for the Arts

Photo: Jodie Hutchinson


Death and the Maiden

Death and the Maiden

Death and the Maiden / La muerte y la doncella
Iberoamerika Ensemble | Text: Ariel Dorfman | Music: Franz Schubert
Dance Theatre | World Premiere
June 20-22, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 15 € | 10 € (reduced)
In Spanish with German titels.

In various Latin American countries, as in some European countries, in the twentieth century speeches were made in the name of peace, invoking forgetting and forgiveness. The guilty often went unpunished, while a large part of the people was deprived of their dignity.

Can the wounds a dictatorship inflicts on a country and its people really heal? Will the claim to (collective) memory save us? The Iberoamerika Ensemble traces the process of transition from dictatorships to democracies in the poetic combination of dance, Franz Schubert’s early romantic music, historical image and sound material and the famous text by Ariel Dorfman, a Chilean who emigrated to the USA. It creates a space to reflect on our contemporary reality, that is built on this time of change in the last century.

The play “La muerte y la doncella / Death and the Maiden” (1991) by Ariel Dorfman became a world success because of its actuality and its universal core, the search for the true meaning of justice. It was translated into 25 languages and filmed by Roman Polanski in 1994.

The Iberoamerika Ensemble was founded for the world premiere of “Death and the Girl / La muerte y la doncella” in Berlin by a group of actors*, directors*, filmmakers* and theoreticians* from European and Latin America countries. Their individual origins and personal experiences form the basis for their joint work.


Duration: 90 minutes

With: Octavia Barvulsky, Eneko Sanz, Alberto Wolf und Marianne Zahn | Translation: Ulli Stephan & Uwe B. Carstensen | Dramaturgy: Angel Esmediche | Light Design: Sophie Jüres | Stage and Costume Design: Adrian Brun | Video: David Insaid | Photo and Graphic Design: Antonio Castello | Director’s assistant: Manuel Merlin Spitzley | Choreography: Lisa Zunftmeister | Direction: Jordi Robles


:lounge – ALLES BACH

:lounge – ALLES BACH

:lounge – ALLES BACH
lautten compagney

June 25, 2019 | 19:30
Tickets: 15 € | 10 €

The music of Johann Sebastian is still popular today. The lautten compagney
shows the playful, powerful and humorous musician Bach.
Part of the successful :lounge series (formerly: BaroqueLounge), which dedicates itself to a concert of a composer, a style or an instrument.



The lautten compagney is one of the most renowned and creative German baroque ensembles. For three decades, the concerts under the artistic direction of Wolfgang Katschner fascinate their listeners. www.lauttencompagney.de www.lauttencompagney.de




International Festival of Young Opera Singers
Berlin Opera Academy

12.07 | 18:30 & 13.07 | 13:00 & 18:30 – Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
17.07 | 19:30 & 18.07 | 13:00 & 19:30 – Die Zauberflöte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
10.08 | 18:30 & 11.08 | 13:00 & 18:30 – Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
15.08 | 19:30 & 16.08 | 13:00 & 19:30 – The Crucible by Robert Ward

Tickets: 35€ (First Row) | 23€ (Standard) | 15€ (reduced)
via www.opernfest.com or tickets@opernfest.com

Experience opera up close: OPERNFEST is a summer festival of beloved operas, performed in historic and unique venues in Berlin. As a spectator, you are in the middle of the action with the stage and performers often inches away. The new generation of opera singers are hand-picked, international talents who bring a breath of fresh air to the world of classical music. They are directed and instructed by world-renowned artists from the Royal Opera House, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Berlin and the Metropolitan Opera.

Le Nozze di Figaro

Musical direction: Peter Leonard
Staging: Nina Brazier
Ensemble and Orchestra of the Berlin Opera Academy

The Magic Flute:
Musical direction: Tom Seligman
Staging: Katrin Hilbe
Ensemble and Orchestra of the Berlin Opera Academy

Don Giovanni:
Musical direction: (TBD)
Staging: Marcin Łakomicki
Ensemble of the Berlin Opera Academy
with piano accompaniment

The Crucible:
Musical direction: Peter Leonard
Staging: Jennifer Williams
Ensemble of the Berlin Opera Academy
with piano accompaniment