An Eve And An Adam

An Eve And An Adam

An Eve And An Adam
Granhøj Dans
Dance | World Premiere
March, 28 & 29, 2019 | 20:00

A pretty nude duet. What sensations does real rather than virtual nudity trigger in us?

Apparently, there is no more modesty when it comes to the naked body. Young people often show up naked in social media. But in real life it’s the opposite. Men and women grow their body in fitness centers, but they are too scared to turn up naked in the shower afterwards. An Eve And An Adam is a dramaturgical intervention that contemplates our relationship to the body’s natural nudity and discusses the portrayal of nudity in social media.

Following the world premiere at the Berlin Delphi Theater, Granhøj Dans are performing their new dance piece in seven Danish cities such as Copenhagen, Holstebro or Aalborg. An international tour e.g. to Poland, Lithuania and Beijing is proposed.

The productions of the Danish company Granhøj Dans (founded in 1989) are created under the direction of the choreographer Palle Granhøj in close collaboration with the dancers. The working process of a new piece begins with the Obstruction Technique developed by Palle Granhøj himself. www.granhoj.dk

Duration: approx. 1 hour

A performance by Palle Granhøj created in close cooperation with the dancers Sofia Pintzou and Mikolaj Karczewski

Recorded music of Rachmaninoff, Maria Eshpay played by Maria Eshpay (piano ) and Peter Hudler (cello )

Financial Supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Beckett Foundation
Co-Production/Recidency at SPAM (Porcari, Italy), Nordic Theatre Laboratory (Odin Holstebro, Denmark), Teaterøen (Copenhagen, Denmark), Delphi (Berlin, Germany)




Project by Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin
March 31, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 6€ | 4€

A musical-literary evening with a competitive character, designed by young song duos and poetry slammers.

At “Agorá – Kunstlied meets Poetry Slam”, classical art songs encounter modern slam poetry outside the established concert halls. Alternately a slam text and an art song on various topics will be presented: An evening full of music and poetry that builds a bridge between the old and the new.
The audience votes slam-style, helping to shape the Agorá

Foto: Fee Brembeck (Poetry Slam) and Marlene Heiß (Piano) | Copyright: Paul Cossmer

Juliana Zara, Sopran | Marine Madelin, Sopran | Changbo Wang, Bariton | Diogo Mendes, Bariton | Jule Eckert, Slampoetin | Jessy James Lafleur, Slampoetin | Noah Klaus, Slampoet | Micha Ebelin, Slampoet | Felicia Brembeck, Moderation | Marlene Heiß, Klavier




KURT COBAIN – Acoustic Tribute
April 5, 2019 | 19:00 doors open / 20:00 start
Tickets: 15,50 € incl. tax plus 2 € service fee | 18€

Exactly 25 years ago, on 5 April 1994, an extraordinary artistic life ended far too early and far too tragically. Kurt Cobain became a poster boy against his will after the album “Nevermind”, which he had recorded with his band Nirvana, flew into charts all over the world and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, felt to be rotating every hour on MTV. Cobain fired the hype with his explicit anti-posture and tragic tendency to self-destruct. But the grandiose songwriter, who combined noise and pop, distortion and melodies more accurately than anyone else, has overcome tragedy and even death with his songs. Based on the performance of Nirvana on MTV Unplugged, the band Komponistenviertel dedicates itself to the great songs of Cobain and Nirvana and their musical cosmos with this evening and some very special guests.


1929-Pandora’s Box

1929-Pandora’s Box

1929 – Pandora’s Box
Metropolis Orchester Berlin | Fritzi Haberlandt
6. April 2019 | 19:30
Tickets: 32€|25€

Europes first Cinema Orchestra of the present age meets the former silent movie cinema: This cooperation is overdue! We are very happy to have won over a series of cinema-concerts with the Metropolis Orchestra Berlin.

The Metropolis Orchestra Berlin was founded by the end of 2016 by the conductor Burkhard Götze and movie-affine musicians from Berlin. They are eager as Europes first Cinema-Orchestra to rejuvenate the cinema culture of the silent movie era. Already in their early days of existence, the ensemble realized a few sensational silent movie projects. DVD and CD releases, compositions that where developed for the orchestra, invitations, guest appearances and their very own festival in cooperation with Volker Schlöndorff engraved the work of the orchestra.
Furthermore they indulged in projects with the extra ordinary Chansonnier Sebastian Krämer, Tim Fischer or Jade Laciny. www.metropolis-orchester-berlin.eu


Partner: Bohème Sauvage, Zeitreisen, Europäische FilmPhilharmonie, Deutsche Kinemathek




:lounge – Henry Purcell // WONDROUS MACHINE
lautten compagney | Hanna Herfurtner

April 30, 2019 | 19:30
Tickets: 15 € | 10 €

The ORPHEUS BRITANNICUS – that’s what Henry Purcell was called by his contemporaries. In his compositions, he combines the melancholy of the “Golden Age”, French elegance and bold harmony. The lautten compagney and the soprano Hanna Herfurtner give Purcell’s music a new sound through improvisations, arrangements and electronics.
Part of the successful :lounge series (formerly: BaroqueLounge), which dedicates itself to a concert of a composer, a style or an instrument.



The lautten compagney is one of the most renowned and creative German baroque ensembles. For three decades, the concerts under the artistic direction of Wolfgang Katschner fascinate their listeners. www.lauttencompagney.de

Hanna Herfurtner is a versatile concert and opera singer. She is a laureate of the Cesti Competition for Baroque Opera in Innsbruck, but also an experienced interpreter of contemporary music. She attended the class for contemporary song of Axel Bauni at the UdK Berlin for several years and sang in 2010 the title part of the world premiere of Werner Henze’s last opera “Gisela” at the Ruhrtriennale. www.hannaherfurtner.de




A Ritual Performance for the Digital Age

Per Aspera and Planetary Cymatic Resonance
May 30 & 31, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 12€

Join us for a journey of death and rebirth through movement, sound and visuals based on the archetypal “Shaman’s Death” ritual. What are you ready to let die? What will you be reborn as? In this ritualised performance we release the old and welcome the new, inviting you to experience through art, rather than merely observing. Interactive visuals by Wolf and Bird use body tracking and video mapping technology to create sensory spaces traveling to unknown territory. Sounds by Planetary Cymatic Resonance are calculated from natural frequency phenomena found in our universe like the movement of planets. Performative elements include modern dance, Butoh, aeriel, text, live music, performance art, body art, and ritual.

Part of Performing Arts Festival

A collaboration between Per Aspera and Planetary Cymatic Resonance

From and with: Brina Stinehelfer, Vincent Freebird Lauenstein, Nicole O’Byrne, Zoe Mercury, Kotoe, Ardian Hartono, Livia Delgado, Reka Komaromi, Steffen Günther, Adriatica