Death and the Maiden

Death and the Maiden / La muerte y la doncella
Iberoamerika Ensemble | Text: Ariel Dorfman | Music: Franz Schubert
Dance Theatre | World Premiere
June 20-22, 2019 | 20:00
Tickets: 15 € | 10 € (reduced)
In Spanish with German titels.

In various Latin American countries, as in some European countries, in the twentieth century speeches were made in the name of peace, invoking forgetting and forgiveness. The guilty often went unpunished, while a large part of the people was deprived of their dignity.

Can the wounds a dictatorship inflicts on a country and its people really heal? Will the claim to (collective) memory save us? The Iberoamerika Ensemble traces the process of transition from dictatorships to democracies in the poetic combination of dance, Franz Schubert’s early romantic music, historical image and sound material and the famous text by Ariel Dorfman, a Chilean who emigrated to the USA. It creates a space to reflect on our contemporary reality, that is built on this time of change in the last century.

The play “La muerte y la doncella / Death and the Maiden” (1991) by Ariel Dorfman became a world success because of its actuality and its universal core, the search for the true meaning of justice. It was translated into 25 languages and filmed by Roman Polanski in 1994.

The Iberoamerika Ensemble was founded for the world premiere of “Death and the Girl / La muerte y la doncella” in Berlin by a group of actors*, directors*, filmmakers* and theoreticians* from European and Latin America countries. Their individual origins and personal experiences form the basis for their joint work.

Trailer by David Insaid

Duration: 90 minutes

With: Octavia Barvulsky, Eneko Sanz, Alberto Wolf und Marianne Zahn | Translation: Ulli Stephan & Uwe B. Carstensen | Dramaturgy: Angel Esmediche | Light Design: Sophie Jüres | Stage and Costume Design: Adrian Brun | Video: David Insaid | Photo and Graphic Design: Antonio Castello | Director’s assistant: Manuel Merlin Spitzley | Choreography: Lisa Zunftmeister | Direction: Jordi Robles